Welcome to Jing Shi Research Group


Our group works on novel physical phenomena in nanoscale devices and heterostructures arising from complex interactions such as spin-orbit coupling and exchange interaction at the interfaces. The phenomena we are interested in include the topological spin Seebeck effect in topological insulator/magnetic insulator heterostructures, quantum anomalous Hall effect in graphene and topological insulator surface states, spin current transport in ferro-, ferri-, and antiferro-magnetic insulators. We closely collaborate with other researchers in the DOE-funded  Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) on Spins and Heat in Nanoscale Electronic Systems (SHINES).

  • Victor Ortiz received the 2019 APS Student Travel Award. Congratulations!
  • "Systematic control of strain-induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial europium and terbium iron garnet thin films" by Victor Ortiz and Mohammed Aldosary et al. was published in APL Materials on Dec. 27, 2018.
  • "Role of dimensional crossover on spin-orbit torque efficiency in magnetic insulator thin films" by Qiming Shao et al. was published in Nature Communications on Sept. 6, 2018.
  • Welcome Qiming Shao, a graduate student from Prof. Kang Wang's group at UCLA, to join our group for doing a 3-month long collaborative research.
  • Welcome back, Dr. Wei Yuan! Wei received his Ph. D. degree in Physics at Peking University and will join us as a postdoc in July, 2018! He was a visiting graduate student in our group from March to June, 2018.
  • Congratulations to Mohammed Aldosary on receiving "The Robert T. Poe Memorial Scholarship Award" for outstanding Ph.D. graduate student in June 2018!
  • Congratulations to Tang Su on receiving China Scholarship Council's award for visiting students for 2018-2019. Tang is had been a visiting student from Peking University since 2017.
  • "Dirac surface state-modulated spin dynamics in a ferrimagnetic insulator at room temperature" by Chi Tang, Qi Song et al. was published in Science Advances on June 1, 2018.
  • "Effect of Distance on Photoluminescence Quenching and Proximity Induced Spin−Orbit Coupling in Graphene/WSe2 Heterostructures" by Bowen Yang et al. was published in Nano Letters on June 1, 2018.
  • "Pressure-induced spin reorientation transition in layered ferromagnetic insulator Cr2Ge2Te6" by Zhisheng Lin et al. was published in Phys. Rev. Mater. on May 25, 2018.